One of the most famous citrus fruits with a sweet or a sour taste, with more or less flavor, depending on the variety and the quality, is the orange. Rich in vitamin C, sugars, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A it is one of the most beneficial products for human consumption. It can be consumed as fresh fruit or juice or it could be utilized in its production as a fresh or a packaged fruit.


A medium sized orange, juicy with a wonderful sweetness, seedless, ideal for the manufacture of jam. Harvesting is done from November to January.


This orange is big and juicy, delicious with a sweet taste and low acidity. It has excellent flavor and taste and is easily cleaned. The harvest starts from November and lasts until April.


A medium to large orange with high juice content. The harvest starts from December and lasts right through to October.


A large high quality orange with little or no seeds. It has a very sweet strong flavor and an intense aroma. It is very juicy, and highly ideal for juicing. Harvesting is conducted from March to October.


The tangerine, juicy and rich in vitamins C and D, is also known for its antioxidant properties. This fruit is one of the most favorite among citrus fruits because of its delicious taste. It can be used in cooking and baking and preparing juices or jams, wonderful because of other fantastic aromas and wonderful flavors as well, and is highly recommended as a supplement to our daily diet.


Clementine is the “queen of the tangerines” as they say. It is one of the most preferred tangerines with a vigorous, rich taste sweet. The harvest is from November until the beginning of February .The peel has a sweet smell and is utilized as an essential oil which often is used to give flavor to confectionery.


Is another large mandarin with a deep amber color. The fruit has extra lovely sweet taste and has no seeds. It is medium sized and is easily cleaned. The harvest begins in January and ends in February.


An oversized tangerine with a light orange color. It has a rich taste and is very aromatic with lots of seeds. It is highly ideal for juicing and its harvest begins at the end of February and lasts to April.


The lemon a light yellow color and is known for its strong acidic taste. Lemon juice can be used both in our daily diet giving our foods a delicious rich sour taste, and can create a perfect cocktail or be used as a pharmaceutical since it is rich in both vitamins and sodium. The harvest of lemons begins in November and lasts right through March.